The Voice 2012: Handsome Aleks Josh impresses with Dream A Little Dream Of Me (VIDEO)

Aleks Josh is one of the youngest contestants on The Voice this year, so we felt quite sorry for the talented teenager when he took to the stage for his first ever live performance tonight.

The 17 year old singer from Stevenage performed ‘Dream A Little Dream Of Me’ on the BBC series, representing Team Danny and hoping that he could do the song enough justice in order to avoid elimination in the later results show.

In rehearsals Danny seemed impressed by Aleks’ new confidence in his vocal skill, so we were excited to see him taking to the stage.

As always, he was the picture of handsomeness in his sharp suit and with those gorgeous big eyes but yes, we know, this is all about The Voice. That was good too and we actually really enjoyed his smooth and understated vocals at the start of the song.

He cranked it up a notch as the second verse kicked in and we also appreciated the fact that there were no backing dancers, and no fuss, but just a double bass player on stage with him. It meant that all the focus was on Josh and he deserved it.


JESSIE J: I agree with Will, it was massive and so comfortable. What I will say is song choices that aren’t so obvious in that genre. You look mighty fly!

TOM JONES: To me it was a little bit too much like Michael Buble. I think he sang it better than Michael, but I think you should take a song and flip it.

DANNY O’DONOGHUE: I think there will be a lot of girls dreaming a little dream tonight. I think it’s very brave of a 17 year old to come out and sing a swing song. I’m so proud that you came out and you were you. I see you as like young rat pack, like Jamie Cullum. I think you could sell a lot of records. Michael Buble was not this good, at this age.

Did you enjoy Alek’s performance tonight? Do you think he did enough to avoid elimination? Leave your comments below…

Lisa McGarry

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