The Voice 2013: Alice Barlow says she IS attracted to Danny O’Donoghue and adds “We had an amazing connection, I felt like he understood me!”

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The Voice coach Danny O’Donoghue is of course en eligible bachelor these days, given that he split from his long-term girlfriend Irma Mali last year, when it was rumoured he was romantically involved with former finalist Bo Bruce…

And as we recently reported, ahead of the release of her debut album, Bo hinted that there was indeed a romance with Danny, which was scuppered by the show’s bosses amid fears of adverse publicity for the then ailing show.

However, it seemed history was repeating itself this year after The Scrip front man Danny took something of a shine to contestant Alice Barlow – who formerly starred on Hollyoaks – and she to him. But as Alice is in a relationship, that romance rumour fizzled out fairly rapidly.

But today, Alice – who of course left the contest last night having lost out in the battle rounds to Andrea Begley – has admitted that she is attracted to Danny while confessing that she has “an amazing connection” with him.

To The Sun’s TV Biz, Alice said, “Danny is a lovely man and he is very attractive but I do have a long-term boyfriend.

“When we were working together we had an amazing connection, I felt like he really understood me.”

She added, “I don’t want to say whether I have been in touch with him. No comment!”

As viewers have seen, Danny has been filmed cuddling Alice on occasions when she’s broken down as the pressure of the show got to her.

andrea begley alice barlow the voice

Of that, Danny recently said, “Alice broke down in rehearsals. I said to her ‘show me the real you, if there are walls you have been putting up, pop that first brick out, take a little peak out, let me see who is behind there’.”

Here’s a reminder of Alice on the show last night…

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