The Voice 2013: Andrea Begley to perform Evanescence’s My Immortal & Danny O’Donoghue duet! More final spoilers….

danny o'donoghue andrea begley

Andrea Begley is preparing for the performance of her night tomorrow and Danny O’Donoghue is coaching her to within an inch of her life by the sound of it.

The Script star has been working intensively with the the Northern Irish singer all week, in advance of her appearance on tomorrow night’s grand finale.

Andrea will give two solo performances on the last show of the 2013 series and one of the tracks she’s chosen is the Evanescence song My Immortal. During a rehearsal of the song, Danny told the sound team to turn up the level of piano in the mix, so that the visually impaired performer could perfect her pitch and he told The Sun:

“People don’t realise what it sounds like in your head when you’re singing full pelt. Your voice drowns out everything and you can falter on pitch.

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“The piano in Andrea’s ear needs to cut through everything else she is hearing.”

For her second song, Andrea will once again sing Sarah McLachlan’s Angel, which she received rave reviews for in the blind auditions and Danny admitted that she sounds as fabulous as ever when singing the haunting tune.

As he listened to her sweet rendition, the Irish star told the newspaper:

“Isn’t that gorgeous?

“Andrea sounds her best when there’s silence around her — when it sounds like she could be in a bar.”

However, Andrea is not seen as a likely contender for the title tomorrow night and while bookies have installed her as their second favourite to win, half of all bets placed have been on fellow Norther Ireland girl Leah McFall and at this stage, it seems like no one can take the win from the quirky singer.

andrea begley the voice

Danny knows Andrea faces an uphill battle but he is hoping for a miracle tomorrow and explained:

“I’d be a fool to go against the odds — Leah has an amazing chance of winning. But there will hopefully be a few extra million people watching the final.

“Those people will get to experience Andrea for the first time. And you can’t underestimate the power of a great song in the hands of a great singer.

“When she sang Angel at her audition, there wasn’t anyone in here who wasn’t crying. It’s not over until it’s over and I wouldn’t bet against Andrea.

“At this stage, nobody could say she is in the final due to sympathy. People don’t pick up the phone to vote because you are blind. Andrea has fought for this the entire way. She has put in the hours because she knows hard work pays off and I’d love to see her win the show.”

Andrea certainly has been putting in the hours, both in rehearsals and in promoting herself and this morning she was on Radio 1’s breakfast show in a bid to whip up votes. She tweeted about the stint saying:

“Had so much fun with @TheScript_Danny and @grimmers on @BBCR1 don’t forget to tune into the voice uk tomorrow night at 7.15pm BBC1 vote lol!”

Begley added:

“Loving @grimmers banter this morning on @BBCR1 about our couple names – mike and tom ‘life partners’ lol”

Andrea’s excited about tomorrow’s finale and continued:

“Getting excited now about the final on Saturday! More excited about reuniting with my peeps from the show #thevoiceuk”

Andrea will perform her two solo songs, along with a duet with Danny tomorrow. The show will also feature a performance by Robbie Williams and Dizzee Rascal.

Do you think she can win? Leave your comments below…..

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