The Voice 2013 battle rounds & knockouts being filmed & Danny O’Donoghue smack talks about X Factor!

by Lisa McGarry

the voice uk 2013

The Voice is set to return to our screens in just over a month’s time and currently, the team are hard at work filming the battle rounds and knockouts.

There will be some format changes to the show this year and while the coaches will remain the same – Jessie J, Danny O’Donoghue, Tom Jones and are back in their big red seats – in a bid to boost the ratings past the audition stages bosses have added some new elements to proceedings.

In 2012 the series enjoyed bumper viewing figures and regularly beat rival TV show Britain’s Got Talent in the ratings, up until the live shows started. At that point it shed viewers quicker than our dog sheds it’s winter coat. To combat that there will be less live rounds in 2013 and instead a longer journey to the semi finals.

The Voice Twitter account announced the changes this morning, tweeting:

the voice battle

Morning everyone. Stop yawning and put down your toast. We have some news.This year, in the Battles, each of our coaches can STEAL a rival coach’s artist from the ones that get out-battled. #TheVoiceUK

After the Battles comes THE KNOCKOUTS, where each artist picks a “killer song” to perform. Coaches take their favourite three to the finals.

So if you were hoping for more twists and turns this year, consider your wishes granted. Now, go finish your toast. #TheVoiceUK

The coaches were in BBC buildings all weekend, filming the battle rounds and soon the knockouts will be stage, before the shows are televised in a few weeks time.

Executive producer Moira Ross said: “We can’t wait for The Voice UK to return to Saturday nights.

“With our four global superstars back on board, an unrivalled standard of vocal talent and the added excitement of the ‘Steals’ and ‘Knockouts’, it is set to be an extraordinary series.”

the voice coaches

Danny O’Donoghue is pretty confident that they have a good thing going on and isn’t worried by X Factor comparisons either. He said:

”’The Voice’ is the premier singing show in the UK.”

”We’ve seen this season’s ‘X Factor’ and I know we have a better show. I watched 10 minutes [of ‘The X Factor’] and switched off.”

”I’m more relaxed this time. The first time I thought I had lots to prove. We were treated unfairly by the press.”

What do you think TV fans? Are you looking forward to The Voice’s return? Leave your comments below…

Lisa McGarry

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