The Voice 2013: BBC cough up £15k for Sir Tom Jones to stay at the Savoy! But hey, he IS Tom Jones…


If there wasn’t enough controversy over how much ailing BBC show The Voice is costing licence fee payers – which is around £22million apparently – it’s been revealed today that Aunty Beeb forked out £15,000 so that coach Sir Tom Jones could live in luxury at the Savoy Hotel in London.

At a cost of around £700 per night, Sir Tom stays at the plush hotel while he’s in the UK filming for the show, as his home is in Los Angeles.

And normally, I’d be the first to be shouting about it on occasions when the BBC are anything less than circumspect in how they spend licence fee payers’ money, however, he IS Tom Jones, and given he’s a total legend and icon, you couldn’t really bung him in a Premier Inn could you?

Anyway, The Sun’s TV Biz adds, “Most rooms at the historic hotel come with their own private butler and a private bar.

“But a BBC source insisted that the 73-year-old Welsh legend — who coaches wannabe vocal stars on the show — will stay on a ‘room only’ basis for his estimated 21 days of filming.”

The insider said, “Tom doesn’t have a butler — we’re at his beck and call so he doesn’t need one.”

The Voice UK
And it seems his fellow coach hasn’t been slumming it either as he’s been staying in top hotels such as the Park Lane Hilton, however, apparently he has to pay his own hotel bills out of his fee for starring on the show.

Coaches Danny O’Donoghue and Jessie J both have their own homes in London, so they don’t receive any extra payments for accommodation.

A BBC spokeswoman said, “All coaches have their own agreements with the production company for the series.

“For Sir Tom Jones this includes his accommodation as he does not live in the UK.”

Here’s a reminder of Tom on the show…

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