The Voice 2013 blind auditions: No one turns for Adenikè Adenaike! (VIDEO)

Adenikè Adenaike

London girl Adenikè Adenaike opened the show on The Voice tonight with an exquisite rendition of Anita Baker’s Sweet Love. But the singers on the show are in for a tough time tonight as the coaches only have a few places left to fill on their teams. Since this is the last of the blind audition shows, the coaches are going to be even more choosy than they were last week and some singing talent is going to be left behind.

Adenike’s version of Sweet Love was beautiful. Faithful to the original, she delivered beautiful soul vocals and a tone to die for. But though the singing was of an incredibly high standard, not one coach turned for the 23 year old singer from London..

If we’re guessing, it was probably because the song dated her performance. Maybe something more uptempo and fresh would have excited the coaches a bit more. There was certainly very little for them to complain about in the singing. Let’s see what they had to say for themselves.

Adenikè the voice

Tom Jones: You sounded great. I couldn’t find anything wrong with your voice. And I was in two minds whether to do it or not. It was a hard decision not to. I have no advice to give you…it was so close. I made a mistake.

Will.I.Am: You started off really great and you hit this one riff that was magnificent. Then after that, you hit a bad note, and you were aware of it and it haunted you through the rest of the performance. That song means a lot to me. It was my mom’s favourite song and when she would play that song it made me the happiest because my sister’s dad would come to the house. And my mom would have her romantic time with the love of her life. I was too young to know what was going on, but…

the voice coaches

Jessie J: For me, any note that wasn’t making me sure was purely just nerves. It is like make or break now because we’re filling up spaces and it’s really tough to know when to go. But I don’t want you to feel disheartened because your voice is amazing.

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