The Voice 2013 Battle Rounds: Cleo Higgins ‘Finally’ beats Nu-Tarna after ego battles & crazy b*tch fest!

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Much was made recently of a reported feud between Cleo Higgins and female duo Nu-Tarna and tonight we realised that the tension probably occurred because the singers were up against one another in The Voice Battle Rounds.

Cleo blew the coaches away with her blind audition and Nu-Tarna also won’s support during their initial tryout but tonight he admitted:

“Nu-Tarna and Cleo, I need that R&B power but I can’t have two of them.”

The duo spoke about their new competitor saying:

“Cleo did an amazing performance and got four chairs turned for her but where do you go from there?”

Higgins also thought the girls may have the advantage and said:

“Nu-Tarna have the upper hand, they have harmonies, they have strength…”

Will gave the ladies the song ‘Finally’ by CeCe Peniston and in rehearsals it all kicked off when Nu-Tarna asked if they could sing harmonies when Cleo was performing. She insisted that they could not, but Will said:

“You do what you have to do, it’s a battle.”

Higgins hit back saying:

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“Kelly has a habit of singing over everything and you know what, it’s not going to be pretty. I was hoping this would go a little smoother but that’s girls innit.”

“I will step myself right in front of anyone who gets in my way!”

However Kels insisted:

“If she thinks I’m not going to be doing that on stage, she is very much mistaken. In her head she’s already a winner, she knocked us out last week.”

“We have worked so hard, Cleo has achieved all this already…..we haven’t.”

Before taking to stage Higgins said:

“For most of my career I have been in a band I want to prove I can do this on my own and what I’m made of.”

By the time the ladies all took to the stage, we have to admit we were feeling a little nervous and half expecting them to scrap and fight in front of the coaches. There as clearly no love lost between this group!

After two – what we felt were- pretty weak female battles, where the ladies were nice and kind and emotional, Nu-Tarna and Cleo were nothing of the sort and this was a performance full of attitude and sass and even aggression.

We expected Cleo to be the clearcut winner but in the end this wasn’t the case and Kelly and Elesha really held their own and shone throughout their segments.

Jessie J was a little overwhelmed though and insisted ‘it’s too much’ as she put her fingers in her ears for the end of the song. The coaches finally got to have their say and commented:

cleo nu-tarna the voice

Jessie: I have a headache. You didn’t listen to each other and I feel like you are all going to walk off this stage with a sore throat.

Danny: I think you are kind of right, I think three big, big voices out on stage. You had the place absolutely rocking but I thought your’s [Nu-Tarna’s] was a little too much and Cleo got dragged into it but thats just me.” It was a lot going on and it was a lot going on because of excitement. Nu-Tarna you guys started the riot, Cleo came out smooth. She hit the notes but you came out on fire.

cleo higgins

Making his final decision, Will added:

“I am going to go with Cleo because of the control that she has.”

The girls waited to see if one of Will’s fellow coaches would choose to steal them for their teams, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be and they went home.

Do you think Will made the right decision? What did you think of this battle? Leave your comments below….

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