The Voice 2013: Cleopatra’s Cleo Higgins devastates Jessie J by joining Team

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Cleo Higgins opened tonight’s episode of The Voice and she had won Jessie J over from the very moment she first began to sing.

The mum of two previously found fame as part of girl group Cleopatra in the 90s and travelled all over the world, performing for huge audiences and with massive stars. However, her career hasn’t reached those heady heights in quite some time and earlier this year Higgins travelled to Salford to audition for Jessie,, Tom Jones and Danny O’Donoghue.

She was hoping to win a place in one of their teams for The Voice battle rounds and put her all into her rendition of Beyonce’s ‘Love On Top.’ All that effort paid off and before her first line was over, Jessie had turned in her chair to watch the performance properly.

All her co-stars soon followed Jess’s example and after the performance came a massive bidding war between the coaches.

cleo higgins the voice

Jessie insisted that she could teach and mentor Cleo well, but also wanted to learn from the singer and she pleaded with the songstress to choose her team going forward.

Tom praised Cleo’s ‘confident’ style and promised Higgins that if she sided with him, he would help fight for her and ensure that she got the best of everything in the series and beyond.

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After weighing up her options, Cleo decided that she would benefit most from Will’s guidance and took a spot on his team. Her choice devastated Jessie, who believed that contestants were losing faith in her. She lamented the fact that none of the females seemed to want to work with her and spent much of the rest of the episode complaining about her male heavy team.

Did you enjoy Cleo’s performance tonight? Do you think she made the right choice? Leave your comments below….

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