The Voice 2013: Danny O’Donoghue, Jessie J, & Tom Jones to perform together – Danny won’t be dating Andrea Begley!

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The Voice is drawing to an end and sadly, this weekend will see the final show of the series airing on BBC One.

The winner will be chosen out of Leah McFall, Andrea Begley, Matt Henry and Mike Ward and along with some performances from the four hopefuls, we will also be treated to a group number from the four famous coaches.

For the second time this year Danny O’Donoghue, Jessie J, and Tom Jones will take to the stage together and the news was announced by the show’s official Twitter account yesterday, as they tweeted:

“In other news, did we mention that our coaches are performing together on Saturday? They are. And one might describe the song as “a banger”.”

It’s going to be quite the night for big named stars on the Beeb, as also appearing are Take That star Robbie Williams and rapper Dizzee Rascal, in a performance that was pre-recorded last Saturday night.

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The final four contestants will each sing twice, in their bid to win as many public votes as possible and they get to perform a song that they have previously showcased during the competition, as well as a special duet with their mentor.

Meanwhile, in other news, we hope that Andrea Begley hasn’t developed too big a crush on her mentor Danny, because he’s claimed that he would never date a contestant from the BBC show.

It was rumoured last year that he had a bit of a fling with runner up Bo Bruce and certainly, their final duet seemed to have a certain spark, however O’Donoghue insists that he would never go there, not with one of the hopefuls.

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Danny told Star magazine: “I’m not dating any contestants and nor do I want to. Some people have made out that I’m using the show as my own personal Take Me Out, to meet women. It’s ridiculous. They are blind auditions. How am I supposed to see them, unless it’s Blind Date?”

He insisted that when he did say he’d date a fan last year, he meant a fan of his band and not a contestant from the show. Mr O’D continued:

“It came about because I said I would date a fan. There are so many fans of The Script that I think I’d be cutting my arm off if I said I wouldn’t date one. ”

Danny added: “Fans, yes; contestants, no, because I know how many column inches it would get!”

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