The Voice 2013: Holly Willoughby reckons she can singlehandedly boost ratings, saying “I am guaranteed to be naked!”

holly willoughby

Fans of The Voice will of course know that it’s back for a second run on the BBC on March 30th at 7pm, and as has been widely reported, the show has had an overhaul and a revamp in order to draw in viewers…

However, presenter Holly Willoughby has a backup plan just in case the changes to the show’s format fails to win fans, and that is that she’s promised to appear naked!

The Daily Star reports, “Last year The Voice lost half its 13million viewers when it reached the live shows and finale. Fans loved the blind auditions but switched off at the end, saying it was boring.

“Now presenter Holly, 32, fears she may have the answer to keeping the audience interested during the three live performances…”

She joked, “I am guaranteed to be naked for the three shows.”

Holly, whose boobs make as many headlines as entire celebs at times, went on to say that she’s not at all bothered by the media’s apparent obsession with her chest, which The Voice coach Danny O’Donoghue has previously confessed to staring at on more than one occasion.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Holly said, “I don’t mind people fixating on my cleavage…

holly willoughby 2

“I mainly blame Keith Lemon for bringing it into the main arena so people feel the need to talk about it all the time.

“But it’s fine, it’s fine – they’re only boobs.”

Well, to be fair, that’s a bit like saying of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon “It’s just a few plants…” and I’m an entirely straight woman, but that doesn’t stop me appreciating the magnificence that is Wibbly’s chest.

Anywho, here’s a look at Holly and co-host Reggie Yates talking about the new series…

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