The Voice 2013: Jessie J reveals why she didn’t follow and sign up right away

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Jessie J will be in her coach’s chair when The Voice returns to our TV screens this Saturday night, but the star admitted that she didn’t sign up to the new series straight away. told Unreality TV recently that he and Danny O’Donoghue agreed to rejoin the panel as soon as the last series ended, so much did he love working with the new UK artists, however Jessie and Tom Jones took a bit more time to deliberate over their reality TV future.

The ‘Domino’ hitmaker told us that she had planned to tour and put out a second album this year and knew that she needed to make enough time to do each one properly and to the best of her ability, however she was also aware that she would be upset if she tuned into The Voice and saw another singer in her place.

Speaking at the press launch of the new series earlier this month, Jessie said

“I was so busy and I had to choose. I had the opportunity to go and write a second album straight away, to do an arena tour straight away or to sign up to ‘The Voice’ again.”

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She added:

“I had to go, right, ‘Do I want to turn on my TV and see someone else in my chair? No.'”

Jessie confessed:

“That is the diva in me. I worked so hard for that. They would have had to scratch my name off the back of it and I couldn’t bear that to happen.”

Jessie decided to postpone her tour until later in the year and her album will be released very soon.

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Her decision has allowed her months to work on the follow up to her chart topping debut release and she’s grateful that she got to take the time to perfect her new songs.

The ‘Price Tag’ singer continued:

“I said to my fans that I want to do this again. I didn’t want to rush my second album and if I am honest I am happy that it has all gone this way because I’ve actually had time to write a great second album. It would have been crap if it was crap, so that’s why I didn’t sign up straight away because I had to really, really, sit down and think about schedules because this isn’t the only thing in my career.”

The Voice’s 2013 series begins on Saturday 30th May on BBC One. We have loads of spoilers and teasers of the new hopefuls including lookalike Matt Henry, nervous singer Kirsty Crawford, stunning hopeful Leanne Jarvis, West End star Liam Tamne, Shayne Ward’s cousin Mike Ward, visually impaired singer Andrea Begley and Ash Morgan which you can read just by following the links in their names.

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