The Voice 2013: Jessie J wants to write songs for Leah McFall & Matt Henry & teases new album!

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Jessie J has revealed that she wants to write some new songs for The Voice runner up, Leah McFall and her own contestant Matt Henry.

The ‘Wild’ hitmaker was of course a coach on the BBC show and is well known for her song writing prowess. She’s finished all the tracks for her own second album and now wants to turn her attention to other artists and in an interview with Digital Spy she admitted that she’d love to submit tunes to Leah and Matt.

Jessie admitted that she already has a number of songs that she thinks could be suitable for the two hopefuls and explained:

“I’m so hard on myself that when I’m in the studio, I’ll write 10 songs and only use one. So those nine songs that are left over, I always think where could these go? Who could they be for? I’d love to actually write with Leah [McFall] and Matt [Henry] from The Voice, which I’m really excited about.”

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Jessie released ‘Wild’, the lead single from her second album last month and she’s preparing to follow it up later this year. The album is mostly self penned and she explained that it can be a very daunting experience to release your own tracks, that are often based on personal and moving experiences, to the public and hear their take on them for the first time.

She confessed:

“It’s weird because when you initially write a song, you write it with no understanding that the world is maybe going to hear it one day.”

“So when you go into the studio you don’t see the hundreds of people at a gig or the viewers on TV, you just write a song without any inhibitions or boundaries. When you realise the world might hear it, it freaks you out a bit, but you can’t really think about that because then everything becomes false. So when I write songs I try to be as free as I can.”

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Jessie’s last release was a bit of a dance track but she claims her next single will be totally different. It will have more of a pop edge and will represent her ‘eclectic’ album perfectly. She said:

“The next single is straight-up pop and everything on the album is completely different. ‘Wild’ was the one that grabbed people’s attention, but the album is really eclectic actually – probably more so than the first one.”

“It will be out before Christmas. I’m not going to give a date, but all will be revealed very soon. We’re just sorting out some features, production, final vocals and some mixes and masters. The body of work is pretty much there and I’m just doing the album thank you’s now.”

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Meanwhile, he may have been the first to be eliminated on The Voice final but Matt Henry hasn’t given up on his singing and he had a bit of an announcement to make on Twitter this morning. Henry told his fans:


Realise that knowledge is power.
I may have some exciting news for you watch this space❌”

Leah McFall is already in the studio recording new music with and after the Black Eyed Peas star whisked her to LA last week, she celebrated her 23rd birthday in the American city. It sounds like she had quite the fun day and she tweeted:

“It’s 3am&i’ve ate so many cupcakes I’m sneezing icing.BUT ain’t no birthday better than the 1 in LA when I made music all day😁with @iamwill”

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