The Voice 2013: Joseph Apostol & Diva battle of the night & Tom Jones cries (VIDEO)

Joseph Apostol, Diva 2

The odds seemed to be very much stacked against loveable Philippines native Joseph Apostol when his coach on The Voice Tom pitted him against feisty Northern battle-axes Diva.

Tonight, on the final battle round episode of the series, the singer seemed to struggle at first with his mentor’s song choice for the sing off, and looked a little perplexed when he found out he and the ladies would be singing ‘Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me’ in the style of Elton John and George Michael.

It turned out that Jo had never heard the track, while his duo of opponents were more than familiar with the track and this fact definitely caused problems during their initial rehearsals.

However, after listening to the famous song for a few hours, Jo soon got the hang of it all and by the time the three hopefuls were all singing around the piano it seemed that Diva were a little scared of their rival, threatening to rugby tackle him on stage at least twice.

Joseph Apostol, Diva 1

Tom knew right from the start that his choice would be a tough one and he was right, Diva and Joseph gave one of the best performances of the night and we loved the fact that while they were very much going head to head and trying to outshine one another, they also helped each other out with the vocals and backed one another up brilliantly.

It was strong, it was feisty, it was enjoyable and the coaches enjoyed it all so much that they gave the trio a standing ovation as Tom got a little bit tearful.

Joseph Apostol, Diva

He hated having to crush someone’s dreams and his co-stars were no help as he tried to decide as it seems they all struggled to choose between Joseph and Diva after their fantastic performance. Ultimately, Tom chose Joseph to progress while, for some reason, Will turned down the chance to steal Diva. Silly man!

Did you enjoy the battle tonight? Did Tom make the right choice? Leave your comments below…

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