The Voice 2013: Kavana (Anthony Kavanagh) gives ‘pitchy’ audition but wins praise from Danny O’Donoghue (VIDEO)

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This year’s series of The Voice is set to feature a number of former pop stars and tonight the first of the bunch appeared on screen.

The BBC series returned for the first episode of it’s 2013 run and Kavana was the second from last hopeful shown during he 90 minute long show.

Kav (real name Anthony Kavanagh) was quite a big star back in the 90s and reached the top ten of the UK singles chart with his hit single ‘I Can Make You Feel Good’ after being signed by Take That’s manager Nigel Martin Smith.

He explained his pop past on the show this evening saying:

“I Can Make You Feel Good was the big hit…. When I was 16 I was very lucky to be signed by Take That’s manager. I was working in McDonalds at the time, I’d just left school and I knew he was based in Manchester and I cheekily went down there with a demo in my hand and he signed me up.”

He added:

“My life totally changed, looking back now you go ‘wow did that really happen?’. I was travelling the world, I was on Top Of The Pops, on the covers of magazines….I was living the dream.”

kavana the voice

Kav even revealed that his big claim to fame is the fact that he once beat Peter Andre and Gary Barlow to a Smash Hits Poll Winners award!

However, things started to go downhill for the handsome singer not long actor and he revealed:

“When I was 21, I decided then I was going to be an actor and went to live in America and I got an agent and a manager and had a lot of money. I did a few little things here and there but nothing has got me back on the map. I came back to England and it’s been kind of quiet for me.”

Perhaps hinting towards his time on ITV’s Grease Is The Word, he added:

“I have had massive highs and some dark lows but there is something in me keeping me want to do this. I am nervous because now I have to prove myself all over again and take that risk of them not turning around.”


Kavana then performed Don’t Dream It’s Over Crowded House, however it wasn’t all he hoped it would be and perhaps because of his nerves, the rendition was a little pitchy and the tuning wasn’t as sharp as it needed to be.

After the audition, Danny O’Donoghue exclaimed:

“Kavana I know you.

(To Kavana used to be out, he was a massive artist.”

He added:

“You’re a professional, I thought you were pitchier than I know you are capable of. Genuinely, this guy can sing, he can really sing. That was the only reason that I didn’t turn around. Well done yeah.”

Tom Jones let him down gently too saying:

“I thought your tone was great but you were definitely flat coming in for the first four to five notes, almost like you were in another key but the overall sound of your voice I really liked. The pitch thing was a shame.”

Anthony agreed with the coaches and looking a little dejected admitted:

“I have just not done this for a long time so i think the nerves got the better of me basically.”

What did you think of Kavana’s audition tonight? Are you a fan of the former pop star? Leave your comments below…

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