The Voice 2013 knockouts: doesn’t like Moni Tivony, Jordan Lee Davies or Leanne Jarvis’ song choices!

leanne jarvis the voice is a fussy old mentor and on The Voice tonight he doesn’t go easy on his contestants at all.

The US star has seven remaining singers in the competition and only three places for next week’s live shows and he’s keen that all of the hopefuls show off the best of their skills and vocals in the knockout rounds, so he can make the best decisions for his team.

Leanne Jarvis is the first to cross swords with the Black Eyed Peas singer after telling him that she wants to sing Christina Aguilera’s ‘Hurt’.

Will is concerned that she looks and sounds too much like The Voice US coach to out her own stamp on the song and his doubts over her track panic the blonde beauty. She says:

“This is what I want, this is my dream, I want it so badly. Hopefully he will see something in me and put me through to the lives.”

Jordan Lee Davies the voice 3

Leanne shouldn’t feel singled out, because isn’t any more keen on Jordan Lee Davies’ tune. The teenage performer tells his mentor that he will be singing ‘It’s All Coming Back To Me Now’ by Meatloaf and admits it’s a risk, saying:

“I think it’s really important to go out there and show Will that he picked me for the right reason. The danger of doing this song is that straight away Will will think ‘theatrical.'”

He has every right to be concerned and Will laments:

“Theatre is great in the theatre but you want to be poppin, you don’t want to be Mary Poppins. He needs to fix that theatre, nip it in the butt. Just sing it.”

Oh dear.

Moni Tivony the voice

Moni Tivony doesn’t come off well either and though he’s clearly delighted with his song choice, when he tells Will he wants to mix the reggae vibe with some old fashioned soul and sing Master Blaster by Stevie Wonder, the Black Eyed Peas star says:

“That’s exactly what you did in the blinds….. I would say it’s lazy.”

Tivony worries: the voice

“He showed some reservations about my song, which in turn had me a bit worried and I was scratching my head thinking ‘have I done the right thing here or not?'”

The Voice continues tonight, 8.30pm on BBC one and you’ll have to tune in to see if any of the artists change their song before their knockout performance, or if they persevere with their choices.

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