The Voice 2013 knockouts: picks Leanne Jarvis over Moni Tivony, Jordan Lee Davies (VIDEO)

Moni Tivony had a mammoth task on his hands during The Voice knockout rounds, which aired on BBC One this evening, and it seems he struggled with the job.

The Black Eyed Peas frontman went into the round with seven singers, knowing that he could take just three of his team to the live finals. Before the knockout performances even took place, Will got to choose one singer to push through to next week’s show and Belfast born singer Leah McFall was his front runner and first live show singer,

Next, the US star split his performers into two teams of three, with the singers choosing one song each in the knowledge that only one from their group would be progressing to the next stage.

Moni Tivony, Jordan Lee Davies, Leanne Jarvis were the first Team Will singers to perform.

Moni Tivony

Moni chose ‘Master Blaster’ by Stevie Wonder as his track for the knockout rounds, but Will wasn’t sure about his song. After their first rehearsal Moni admitted:

“He showed some reservations about my song, which in turn had me a bit worried and I was scratching my head thinking ‘have I done the right thing here or not?'”

Luckily, Moni stuck to his guns and Will admitted during the rehearsals ‘I was wrong.’

He added:

“His execution [was] fantastic.”

Wearing a pretty cool leopard print sweater, Moni was the first singer from Team Will to rock the stage and rock it he did. Not only were the vocals perfection but Moni has a real star quality and stage presence that most of the other singers in the competition lack. he performed to the judges, to the audience and for the cameras and couldn’t have done anything more.

Jordan Lee Davies

Jordan Lee Davies

Jordan picked ‘All Coming Back To Me Now’ by Meatloaf for his song and Will praised him after their practice session raving:

“I like Jordan, because I think Jordan is special. This little kid right here….got it. I think he’s dope.”

However he didn’t like the song choice and thought it might be too musical.

Jordan gave a fabulous performance when he took to the stage and even though it did sound a little bit West Endy, Jessie J was enthralled and touched and the audience were lapping it up.

Moni Tivony, Jordan Lee Davies, Leanne Jarvis

Leanne Jarvis

Leanne had some trouble with her song choice this evening and hated her first track. She told him she would be singing ‘Hurt’ by Christina Aguilera, but he felt she looked and sounded too much like the American star to stand out.

Will was still a huge fan of the blonde beauty and raved:

“Leanne….powerhouse! She sounds fantastic and sings magnificent. She is raising the bar of what UK singers bring to earth.”

Taking his advice, Jarvis then decided to sing Alone’ by Heart. gushed:

“Leanne was open minded enough to come back and sing ‘Alone’ by Heart and sounds fantastic doing it.”

Leaane hit every single note on point during her performance and she showed off every end of her phenomenal range. We weren’t the biggest fans of the song, but that’s probably because we’ve ruined it a few times ourselves at karaoke, however her singing was amazing throughout.


What the coaches said:

Jessie: Leanne there is no denying that your voice is incredible, I think you sang amazingly well and you showed your range but I don’t know if the song choice was interesting enough. I felt like it was safe.

Danny: Jordan musical theatre is your calling, it’s just not my particular cup of tea but you do it fabulously well.

Will: Moni, amazing. You were one trillion times better in rehearsal but I am still geeked off on rehearsal.

Making his final decision, Will struggled a little and revealed:

“My head coming in here was made up, I wanted Moni Tivony to go through, that’s what my head was saying but I can’t do that. I am going to choose Leanne.”

He added:

“I put through Leanne instead of Moni because Moni didn’t do what he did in rehearsal. Everyone else, their performance here, was better than rehearsal.”

Do you think Will chose well? Can Leanne go all the way? Leave your comments below….

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