The Voice 2013: Nate James isn’t sure he wants fame, saying, “Do I want life in a fishbowl? Or do I want to be a little bit under the radar?”

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Fans of The Voice will know that singer Nate James will face his battle round in tonight’s second outing of the BBC show this weekend, however, it seems he’s not at all sure if he actually wants to achieve fame in the long run!

Nate, who released a total of three albums before he decided to have a shot at The Voice, revealed that he’s not convinced that living life in the spotlight is for him.

Speaking exclusively told BANG Showbiz, Nate said, “Everyone wants to be successful in their own country but I’m kind of in two minds…

“When I go to the pub or I walk down Oxford Street or wherever I get recognised more now because I’m in the show.

“’But I live quite a quiet life in the UK so if I do actually make it to number one in the UK then everyone is going to know nate jameswho I am.

“So do I kind of want that like the Beckhams or the likes of, God rest her soul, Amy [Winehouse], life in a fishbowl kind of thing?

“Or do I want to be a little bit under the radar.

“I don’t know, we’ll see what happens. I’ve got to write a killer song first and get in the charts.”

Nate is of course on Team Jessie J – he has apparently known the singer “for years” – and of her, he said, “I’d love to work with Jessie. Whether it’s me featuring her or her featuring me remains to be seen.

“She’s a great writer so it would be great to do a track with her. I think she’s fantastic so it would be brilliant to work with her but we’ll see what happens.”

As mentioned, Nate will take part in his battle round on The Voice tonight against Lovelle Hill.

Check out the pairings and song choices for tonight’s Battle Rounds here.

Here’s a reminder of his audition…

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