The Voice 2013: Opera singers Carla & Barbara join Team – ‘The Flower Song’

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Ah, The Voice! You played us good and proper that time, didn’t you? After showing us VT of duo Barbara Kelly & Carla Maney dressed in biker gear and playing Born To Be Wild in the background, we were clearly expecting a bizarre hard rock act featuring two menopausal women.

Silly us, judging books by their cover, even in a post-Susan Boyle world. These ladies were sneakily planning to sing the operatic piece, The Flower Song from Bizet’s Carmen. Looks like Sneaky Willie has some sneaky competition!

Within about two notes of the ladies singing, Will has hit his button. Danny and Jessie are debating whether they can coach an operatic act. In the end, all the coaches are impressed enough to turn around. This is an interesting proposition, for the coaches and for the competition – can they keep an opera act in the show? What happens at Battle Rounds?

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  • Will.I.Am: Have you heard of love at first sight. I was like love at first note. They saw me. I was like ‘Boo ya!’ Hit it, straight from the jump. There is a bit of rebellion going on with you singing opera on a show like this. But you have to do that to educate the youth about classical music and real singing.
  • Tom Jones: I thought it was lovely. Really, it was lovely. Right from the beginning. The only thing is as far as I’m concerned, being a coach I don’t know much about opera. I’m not qualified to coach anybody in that area. I would love it if you would be on my team. It would be my pleasure. the voice 2

  • Danny O’Donoghue: The one problem I would see with opera singers entering the realm of ‘regular’ pop music is always going to be song choice, and how you reinvent it again. Genuinely I think both diverse styles would work well together and I look forward to working with you.
  • Jessie J: I’m going to be 100% honest and say my push of the button was purely selfish. I literally was like I want to hear you sing more.

Will.I.Am goes in for the hard sell: “If you were on my team, we would always match jackets!”

And astonishingly, it works – the two ladies chose to go with Will. And we were so sure that they would pick Tom Jones, purely on generational reasons! Do you think an opera act can make it on The Voice?

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