The Voice 2013: Presenter Holly Willoughby says “People think I’m ill when they see me without make up!”

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As we reported earlier, The Voice presenter Holly Willoughby is ready to do whatever it takes to boost the ratings of the show this year, and joked that she would appear in the show’s live rounds in the buff!

However, what we’re unlikely to see is Holly on-screen without make up, because even though she likes to go au naturel during her time off, she’s revealed that people tend to think she’s ill if they see her without her make up on.

Speaking to The Sun’s TV Biz, Holly said, “I am such a slob at the weekend. It’s hair back, no make-up…

“I just can’t be bothered. There’s no time.

“But people are used to seeing you in make-up so when you go bare-faced, you see people looking at you a little bit concerned, like, ‘Is everything all right?’

“‘Yes, it’s fine. I’m just not wearing mascara. Chill out!’

“But I think that’s quite funny, seeing people with their slightly confused, concerned faces.”reggie yates holly willoughby

Holly is of course a busy mum, so she can certainly be forgiven for turning to slobbery at the weekends, however what does apparently concern her is that she doesn’t have the time to be as up to date on developments in the world of music as she’s like to be.

She explained, “There are four people on that panel of coaches who have the best knowledge of music, and Reg’s music knowledge is insane.

“I am utterly rubbish but that’s not really my job. I don’t really need to know because I don’t judge anybody.

“I did used to be more into music. It’s only in the last few years I’ve given myself a bit of a hard time about it.

“One of my favourite things I used to do was buy a new album on Monday and just sit there listening to it and reading the words like a book.

“But there’s just not the time now.”

Aww bless her! Here’s reminder of Holly backstage on The Voice, talking about the new series…

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