The Voice 2013: Ricardo Alfonso hits the high notes & joins Team Danny O’Donoghue

We love auditions where someone from elsewhere in the music industry tries out on The Voice. Tonight it was Ricardo Alfonso‘s turn to audition. Having come from a musical theatre background, he certainly won’t be needing Jessie J’s School of Elocution as some of the other hopefuls tonight have. The singer has been part of the West End production of We Will Rock You, but at 38 years old feels the clock is ticking on his career.

Can he find success on The Voice?

Well, he kicks off his audition with a testicle-twister of a high note. No mistaking this guy’s vocal range and power (compare and contrast to Jordan Lee Davies from earlier in the night though). It’s a seriously funky version of Hard To Handle, a song popularised by Otis Redding but covered by our very own Tom Jones. Ricardo is impressing us with his stage presence and power throughout this audition – which hilariously the coaches can’t see. Makes you wonder if there isn’t a slight flaw in the show’s premise here…

Danny O’Donoghue deliberates for a little bit and pushes his button. But just as the song is ending, Tom decides he wants a piece of the action too. This will make for an interesting bidding war between coaches, because I always feel that singing a Tom Jones song is a way of trying to get him to turn for you.

What’s really shocking is that this audition should have been a four-chair turn. But then we’re getting used to the coaches failing to turn for professional singers.

  • Danny O’Donoghue: Listen, there’s no flies on you. That was straight out of the box amazing. This was ridiculously good. I was sitting there thinking I’m going to have him on my team, but then Tomalicious right here…sneaking in behind me.
  • Jessie J: I am kicking myself a little bit for not turning around.
  • Tom Jones: I know that song very well. I sing it myself in my show. And I’ve heard a lot of people sing that song. When I first heard you start it I thought, “Oh, it’s going to be the same as other people. But you brought something new to it. And then when you said you were a West End performer, then maybe that’s what you did, you hit it with a different attack than other people.
  • Will.I.Am: You got a lot of energy. You’ve got a powerful punch. And you’re fast. But one big powerful punch will knock them out and they ain’t getting back up. Tom could get you there. Tom has magic ears.

And, after a little confusing interference from Will.I.Am, Ricardo chose to be on Danny O’Donoghue’s team. We were a little surprised, but it’s a pairing that makes sense. Did you enjoy Ricardo’s audition on The Voice tonight?


Lisa McGarry

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