The Voice 2013: While criticizing Universal for their handling of winner Leanne Mitchell, admits, “We had a hole in the system” the voice 2

As fans of The Voice will know, Leanne Mitchell won last year’s premiere series, and went on to be signed up by record label Universal…

However, her debut single Run to You only managed to get to No45 in the charts, which coach reportedly reckons was the fault of the label for not handling Leanne’s career in an appropriate manner.

He said, “I don’t think people were considering today’s behaviour and how we digest content. It was television five years ago…

“I hope we’ve learned from that because I’m part of this show. I hope the label that the artists have to go with have learned from it.”

Digital Spy report that he added, “So with this year’s winner, we already have songs ready to go.

“The label need to have an understanding of what the market is thirsting for and yearning for.”


Continuing to comment on why things went wrong for Leanne, Will said, “We had a hole in the system. There were all these people singing on television and then one of them wins.

“Directly after they win – I don’t know what happened. I don’t know if the label engaged and surrounded it.

“I don’t think the rushing happened and if it did, it was too slow. Especially in this day and age when everything changes every 20 seconds on Twitter.

“You go from something being hot to ‘Oh, it’s not hot anymore’.”

And of the lessons learned as a result of the show’s first series, Will said, “You have always got to be hunting and searching for what you’re going to do next week, next month, next year.

“We should be thinking about the winner of The Voice [series 2] right now. I have a song written right now.”

The Voice of course returns to the BBC on March 30th at 7pm, but for now, here’s a look at Leanne’s gorgeous new single, If I Knew Then, which goes on sale on May 27.

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