The Voice 2013: to sign Cleo Higgins, Leanne Jarvis or Leah McFall to new UK label?

team will has moved his record label to the UK and his finalists on this year’s series of The Voice could well be amongst the first people he signs.

The Black Eyed Peas star has been spending more and more time in London of late and he revealed in a new interview that he plans to be in Britain even more over the next year, so that he can tap into the talent pool here.

Whether or not his final three singers on BBC’s The Voice win the series or not in two week’s time, they may well get another chance at fame with their mentor, as he’s moved all his music operations to London.

Will told The Daily Star: “My label is now based out of the UK.

“I’ve always had a label and it was US-based.

“Then I was like: ‘I want to base it out of the UK,’ so that’s happened.”

Will has found that his music, along with the music made by many of his acts does better in the UK than in his native America, so the wise decision was to redirect his efforts.

He added:

“I was like: ‘Why am I making music in America when it succeeds first in the UK? That’s dumb.’

“So I was like: ‘I’m going to be based out of the UK but record in the US for a global perspective.’ It’s a case of thinking global, acting local.

“I like Britain, it’s fresh.”

The Voice live shows begin tonight and Team Will consists of Cleo Higgins, Leanne Jarvis and Leah McFall. This evening the US star can save one, while the other two will face the public vote.

leanne jarvis the voice

When asked if he would consider signing the talented ladies to his label, Will insisted:

“Hell yeah!”

He is busy making his own music too and tweeted fans this week saying:

“I love recording songs in london…#workAholic”

Tonight may be hard for Will, as he will have to say goodbye to one of his lovely ladies and Leanne seems a little nervous about the fact that it could be her. She’s throwing her all into rehearsals and tweeted fans last night saying:

“Rehearsals done feeling much better about my song now getting so excited now what a dream come true @BBCTheVoiceUK #thevoiceuk #TeamJarvo 😁”

Check out what Leanne and the other hopefuls will be singing tonight. We have the full list of song choices here. Leave your comments below….

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