The Voice Battle Rounds: Danny picks David Julien in battle with John James Newman (VIDEO)

David Julien and John James Newman were the last pair featured on tonight’s episode of The Voice and their vocal sing off brought the whole Battle Rounds to an end, in anticipation of next week’s live shows.

23 year old David previously impressed Danny O’Donoghue at his blind audition, when he sang the hit ‘Script’ song ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’ for the Irish star, who wrote the track.

John James made quite an impression too, at his tryout for the BBC show and was offered a place in Team Tom and Team Danny, after he performed Eliza Doolittle’s hit song ‘Pack Up’

This evening the men joined forces, to deliver their take on ‘Dakota’ by The Stereophonics. Explainign why he teamed them up, Danny said:

‘John James is a consummate professional, 33 years old, he’s been around the block and then you’ve got David. He’s wet behind the ears as far as the music industry goes. This could be David vs Goliath here.’

David felt intimidated and said:

‘I feel like I am the rookie of the bunch. I’m insecure I suppose. He’s got so many strengths, he’s got more than I have. I feel like the newbie in the whole place.’

John James said:

‘I’ve worked hard over the years, I do feel like I deserve my opportunity. I’ve been in a lot of bands, I’ve done a lot of gigs, I have come so close to making it a few times but it hasn’t happened for me.’

The two men took to the ring and David kicked things off and it was clear from the first verse, there wasn’t much between the two men. They had very different styles, but both were amazing vocalists and both had such incredible tones. It was another amazing battle, between two great singers and we felt that Danny faced an almost impossible choice, as no one made a mistake or lacked in a thing.

Afterwards, Tom Jones said that he knows ‘The Sterophonics very well’ and insisted that they would have ‘loved that version’ and the fact that the boys didn’t ‘try to copy’ the original.

The Welsh legend identified with David and his curly locks and told a cute anecdote about how he was once told that he wouldn’t make it, because he had curly hair and not straight locks like the Beatles. He laughed:

‘I am glad that curly hair is still alive an well, so I am going to pick David.’ added:

‘The reason people go to concerts is to escape and they need to be taken away by the person that is singing, so the person needs to have some sort of authority on stage and I saw the lacking of that in David. But when you are up against James and he has that authority to him when he sings it’s amazing.’

Jessie laughed:

‘I really enjoyed that I just wanted to dance. Looking back, I didn’t turn around for either of you but you just entertained my life.’

‘If I was your coach I would have taken David through.’

Deliberating on his choice, Danny said:

‘I’ve enjoyed the both of you immensely. Dave, I hear things in your voice that I’d like to have in mine. There’s a height and a purity to your tone. But with John James you’ve got that signature tone, you know you’ve got what I came on the show looking for.’

He added:

‘This is probably honestly the hardest decision I’ve had to make in my life. The person I’m going to take through to the live shows is David.’

Did you agree with Danny’s decision tonight? Would you have taken David through to the live shows? Leave your comments below…

Lisa McGarry

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