The Voice Battle Rounds: Tearful Sam Buttery beats Aundrea Nyle – joins Team Tom (VIDEO)

Sam Buttery and Aundrea Nyle were the first Team Tom contestants to perform on tonight’s Battle Round episode of The Voice.

Sam previously impressed the Welsh singing legend when he sang ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ at his blind audition in London and automatically won a spot on Jones’ team.

Aundrea knocked her coach’s socks off with her powerful and diva like rendition of ‘Crazy’ at her tryout and this evening, the pair took on the epic track ‘A Little Less Conversation’ by Elvis Presley.

Tom admitted that he paired them because they both have ‘strong personalities’ and he thought they were ‘fairly matched’ vocally too.

Poor Sam ended up in tears during his coaching session with Tom and guest mentor Cerys Matthews, because he was ‘so, so happy’ to be working with and getting advice from his idol….Jones that it, not Matthews.

Aundrea admitted that she was ‘desperate’ to win as she sees the BBC show as her last chance, but she was warned by her mentors not to ‘overdo it’ in case she goes too far.

When they took to the stage, from the start both singers gave it a lot of welly and even more attitude. They grooved and they jived and they worked together. However, while both sang well, compared to Bill Downs and Max Milner’s battle which preceded theirs, there just wasn’t the same spark. Possibly some of that was down to song choice, as we found the performance a little dated.

We think that was probably more down to Jones’ direction, but vocally, both singers were great, although there were a few lyrics slip ups along the way.

Danny O’Donoghue loved the pairing and even gave a standing ovation at the end and Jessie loved all the ‘personality.’ joked:

‘My eyebrows were so far back, I had to pull them out of my back pocket and put them on my head!’

Now that’s excitement!

Tom Jones deliberated over his decision saying:

‘In the rehearsals it was fantastic, because you have huge personalities and you did that song more than justice.’

‘It’s hard. I think the one I will take to the live show will be Sam.’

Did you agree with Tom Jones tonight? Who would you have sent home tonight? Leave your comments below…

Lisa McGarry

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