The Voice: David Julien loves working with laid back Danny O’Donoghue!

David Julien has admitted that he didn’t envy Danny O’Donoghue, when he had to choose between him and John James Newman in The Voice battle rounds recently.

The 23 year old singer was seen going head to head with the older performer on Sunday’s episode of the BBC talent show, when the duo performed ‘Dakota’ by The Stereophonics in the battle ring.

Although Tom Jones loved his curly hair, Danny O’Donoghue was more focused on David’s singing and when he offered him a place in his team of five contestants, The Script singer said:

‘Dave, I hear things in your voice that I’d like to have in mine. There’s a height and a purity to your tone.’

Speaking to his local newspaper The Leigh Reporter, Julien admitted that he was a nervous wreck waiting for Danny’s decision and explained:

“When I was standing on the stage waiting for Danny’s verdict it felt so long. I honestly didn’t think I’d got through because it was so close.

“I didn’t envy Danny, there’s no way I could have made that decision.”

This Saturday David will watch on as Team Tom Jones and Team perform on the live show and next week, it will be his and his team-mates’ turn to take to the stage.

He admitted that while he looking forward to performing live, he is trying not to focus on how many people will be tuned in. There were around ten million viewers watching last Sunday’s show and David added:

“I’m looking forward to the shows going out live, though it’s not going to be too different for us because we’ve still only got one chance to get it right. I’m just trying not to think of the millions of people watching on the other side of the camera.

“Danny is one of the most laid-back people I’ve ever met, but he knows exactly what he wants and can hear what he needs. I now feel like I’m working with Danny rather than being coached by him, and feel more confident putting my ideas across.”

Meanwhile, Daveid and some of his fellow contestants have been doing a bit of jamming and last night a group of them posted their own version of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’ online. You can listen to the awesome rendition here.

Lisa McGarry

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