The Voice Results: Sophie Griffin ‘I cried for three hours’ after elimination!

Sophie Griffin has admitted that she was inconsolable after she was eliminated from The Voice on Saturday night.

The 17 year old singer ended up in the bottom two from Team Will, along with 21 year old songstress Joelle Moses after the first live show. When the subsequent results episode was recorded thirty minutes later, the Black Eyed Peas star chose to send the Northern Irish girl home and in an interview with BBC breakfast she admitted that she cried for three hours straight, after hearing the news.

She explained:

‘I did cry for three hours afterwards.’

Sam Buttery was also sent home from the show, having been placed in Team Tom’s bottom two with Matt and Sueleen. While he appeared to cope better than Sophie on the night, the teenage singer revealed that the tables turned the next day, when she felt a lot better but he fell to pieces. She added:

“On the night I was devastated and Sam was fine and he told me ‘it’s fine, it’s not ended.’ Then when we met the next day it was the opposite, I was feeling good and he was crying.”

However Sophie doesn’t regret one minute of taking part in the BBC show. She insists that she is happy with how she performed the David Guette track ‘Titanium’ on Saturday and couldn’t have wished for a better experience of mentor, continuing:

“I think Will really brought our confidence out and I loved performing, I loved it and no one can take that moment away from me. Everything happens for a reason, so hopefully there are bigger and better things ahead.

‘Everyone is asking me ‘do you think there is anything you could have done better?’ – but no I was myself and I did what I wanted.”

Griffin went on:

“There is not one thing I disliked about it. I loved everything about it and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, a better team backstage, the band and everything was brilliant.”

Sophie positive attitude continued on Twitter and messaging fans this morning, the teen star wrote:

“You can’t be scared, you only have one life you gotta give it your all. That was my moment and I just went for it :)”

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Lisa McGarry

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