The Voice: Sam Buttery wishes he had sang something ‘less camp’

Sam Buttery has admitted that he wishes he had chosen a less camp tune for the first live episode of The Voice on Saturday.

The 21 year old singer was eliminated from the BBC show last night and revealed in a subsequent interview that if he could do the performance again, he would choose a different song to showcase his vocal talent.

Buttery dressed in a bright red and black skull covered shirt, rocked the biggest quiff he could manage and sang Erasure’s ‘A Little Respect’ on the live show. Speaking on BBC Breakfast this morning he admitted that he had some regrets about his performance. He explained:

“I went flat on one note and then I wish I had went for something less camp than that.”

Buttery was asked how much say he had in his song choice and added:

” I didn’t choose the song, but it wasn’t forced upon me either. Tom said ‘this is the song I think is right for you’ and we chatted about it. I had to trust him and I did enjoy the song and I think he did as well.”

Sophie Griffin was also eliminated from the series last night and revealed that she cried for three hours after getting the news. Sam revealed that he took the outcome badly too and added:

“It was an amazing experience and I’m just sad it’s come to an end.

I kind of feel like I want back into the party, but instead I’m going to start another party. Let’s extend the metaphor!

I really, really wanted to impress the public and it was gutting to know that it wasn’t enough. I did cry, more last night actually.”

Do you think Tom made the right choice last night? Will you miss Sam? Leave your comments below…

Lisa McGarry

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