The Voice – “Sneaky Willie” strikes again as plays dirty with Jessie J & Danny O’Donoghue

The competition between the Coaches is officially on after employed some sly tactics in a bid to secure an Artist in Saturday night’s episode of The Voice UK. In true style he admitted ‘I’ve picked up some tactics along the way, but I am still tic tac fresh”. But Jessie reckons Will is simply desperate to win this series….

Throughout Saturday night’s show uses every trick in the book to influence the outcomes of the auditions.

During the performance of one Artist on Sat night repeatedly told the other coaches he wasn’t going to be hitting the red button and turning. However with just seconds left of the performance, and after ensuring none of the other Coaches would be turning, Will pushed his button (to the surprise of all three other Coaches) for the sixth person this series.

Danny said: ‘I looked over at Will and he was like “No I’m not going, I’m not going” and then bam, straight down [hits button]. So yeah, it’s on, it’s absolutely on now.’

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Despite telling the newest addition to his team at the end of the audition; ‘You were powerful at the beginning, you were powerful at the end and [with] you on my team – it’s gonna be fresh because I think you are super dope,’ initially downplayed his enthusiasm for the Artist in a bid to dissuade any of the other Coaches from turning. later admitted, ‘I was a bit sneaky as I told everyone ‘No’ just to see if they were gonna go.’

Danny reflected : ‘I’m so glad that he turned around but he was playing tactics, he was like “No I’m not gonna go, I’m not gonna go”…2,1… he went around [Danny pretends to push the button].’

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And it seems’s tactics worked a treat, because at the end of the audition Danny admitted to the Artist, ‘the only reason I didn’t turn around is because I am an idiot.’

This sneaky tactic wasn’t the only trick had up his sleeve, earlier in the episode he tried to spell out Tom with his body during Jessie’s pitch to another Artist in a bid to influence their decision. Will continually mouthed ‘pick Tom’ throughout Jessie’s pitch and told the Artist, ‘If I were you I would pick Tom’, to which Tom responded ‘hey Will, I want you on my team!’’s new tactics haven’t gone unnoticed by fellow Coach Jessie J who said to Will: ‘you’re playing a little game you…’ as Will denied it, replying with a cheeky smile ‘What? No I’m not.’

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Jessie explained; ‘Will’s new card is “I’m going to tell you who to pick.”

“He [Will] loves to go “go on Danny, it’s yours”, so he’ll push his button and then he’ll say “I think you should go with Danny”. He is trying to get rid of people that he thinks isn’t going to win and Danny and Tom have both fallen for it.”

Lisa McGarry

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