The Voice star Holly Willoughby jokes that she may emulate Adele and win a Grammy now she’s had vocal cord surgery!

by Lynn Rowlands

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The ever chirpy Voice presenter Holly Willoughby has managed to remain upbeat over having had surgery on her throat recently, joking that as singer Adele won a Grammy award after having the same operation, she too could now be in with a chance of landing one of the prestigious gongs!

Yesterday, Holly tweeted, “Phew! Nodules gone, operation a success.

“After Adele had hers done, she won a Grammy… Fingers crossed! Xxx”

But of course, the surgery can’t have been a barrel of laughs, given that it involved the use of lasers to burn away the problematic nodules.

The Mail reports, “Holly was referring to the laser treatment called Green Light KTP, a new surgery which previously was only available in the U.S. but now is becoming common practice in the UK.

“The surgery involves the removal of vocal cord nodules which are very much like the calluses suffered on the foot.”

Erm, ew.

green light ktp

And while having a squiz on Wiki for more information about the treatment Holly underwent, I found this passage of text…

Much debate continues regarding the relative merits of cold steel versus carbon dioxide laser removal of benign laryngeal pathology. Both techniques have the known potential to cause scarring with disruption of the lamina propria (LP).

Despite the advent of high-magnification operative microscopes, microlaryngeal instrumentation, and the refinement of microspot manipulators for the carbon dioxide laser, both techniques require extreme care and a skilled surgeon to avoid potentially devastating vocal complications…

Which is spooky, because I was having a debate about the relative merits of cold steel versus carbon dioxide laser removal of benign laryngeal pathology with a mate just the other day…

That is of course a lie. I have no clue what 90% of the above means, but nonetheless, it doesn’t sound like the most fun a person can have on a Friday afternoon.

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However, Mike Dilkes, an ENT consultant surgeon at the London Laser Clinic explained the op, saying, “The vocal cords, located in the voice box in the middle of the neck, are two tough, fibrous bands that vibrate to produce sound.

“They’re covered with a layer of tissue similar to skin. With use, this layer thickens…

“With heavy use, the thickening may localise, producing a nodule that is a smooth, soft benign lump containing mostly blood and blood vessels.”

Erm, ew again.

However, Holly and Adele aren’t the only famous peeps to have undergone such surgery, as The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes has had it too, as has Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler, iconic singer Julie Andrews and The Who star Roger Daltrey.

Here’s a reminder of Holly giving her vocal cords a workout while on This Morning with the ever controversial Katie Hopkins…

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