The Voice UK: Bo Bruce splits her time between the show and her mum who is suffering from pancreatic cancer

Bo Bruce may have appeared self assured and carefree on last night’s episode of The Voice, however it seems that the 27 year old star is battling a devastating situation in her personal life.

The real life aristocrat – real name ‘Lady Catherine Anna Brudenell-Bruce’ – was seen shining on last night’s episode of the BBC show, when she wowed the panel with her rendition of ‘Without You’ by Usher and David Guetta.

After her performance, Bruce was elated that not only did Danny O’Donoghue and turn to offer a place on their teams, but they also proceeded to fight and argue over who would be best to direct her through the competition and Battle Rounds.

But behind her happiness, Bo is also dealing with a tough family situation, as it has been reported that her mum is fighting pancreatic cancer.

The songstress is said to be splitting her time between the BBC show and her mother’s hospital bed, which may be ok for now but could get very demanding, if she wins a place on the live shows.

A family friend told The Daily Mail:

‘Her mother is battling a very serious condition and Bo spends a lot of time at her bedside. She’s had to juggle between this chance to make her name and the need to be with her mother.’

‘Ros is a fantastic woman who wants the best for Bo and is encouraging her to leave the hospital and rehearse.’

Bruce’s family must have then been very proud to hear the praise that was directed at Bo last night, after her impressive audition.

The Script frontman Danny raved about her vocal style saying:

‘I came on the show to find was a unique voice and something that really, the second you heard it on the radio, it’s gonna stand out and I really firmly believe that you have that type of voice.’

Black Eyed Peas star Will added:

‘I turned around because you picked that Usher / David Guetta song but you didn’t sing it nowhere near like Usher and that was daring and courageous. You put your style on it.’

In the end, Bo chose to work with Danny and advanced to the Battle Rounds.

The next stage has already been filmed and will be aired on 21st April on BBC One.

Next weekend, will see the final blind auditions of the series and by the end of April, we will be advancing into the live shows.

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Lisa McGarry

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