The Voice UK: Cassius Henry sees Jessie J as a ‘friend’

Cassius Henry has admitted that he was blown away by Jessie J’s comments to him on last week’s episode of The Voice.

After he sang what described as a ‘gangsta’ rendition of Coldplay’s ‘Paradise’, the ‘Domino’ hitmaker raved about his performance, saying:

“Sometimes risks are good and sometimes they are bad and I love that you took risks and did things with your voice. I sat back and enjoyed you becoming the artist you deserve to be.”

Henry told This Is Croydon that he was ‘touched’ by her genuine praise and explained:

“Her comments on Saturday night really touched me. After I performed she said we had a mutual respect for one another and I get that.”

Cassius also really enjoys Jessie’s style of coaching and her inclusive methods, in which they all get a say in their performance, their song choice and their styling. He added:

“I really feel like I could be her friend. She’s a great teacher; she lets us do our own thing and choose our own songs.

“We have a good vibe together.”

Cassius will take to the stage again next week, when it’s Team Jessie and Team Danny’s chance to shine once more.

This evening it will be the eight acts in Team Tom and Team Will performing and a whopping four of them will be send home in the subsequent results show.

However, the viewers will also get to enjoy special group performances, in which Tom Jones and will take to the stage and perform with their contestants for the first time.

We have revealed Team Will’s song here and guess what? The Black Eyed Peas star will even be playing the piano!

Meanwhile, while he continues to rehearse for his next performance and recuperate from his recent bout of laryngitis, Cassius revealed that he is once more getting a taste for the celebrity lifestyle.

He once hung out with the likes of Kanye West and Wyclef Jean but things have been a lot more low key for the singer in recent years. No more though, he continued:

“We’ve been invited to lots of parties and met a lot of cool people. I met Ricky Gervais and he was a really humble guy.

“But I don’t want to get wrapped up in all that stuff, I want to concentrate on my singing and the competition and get as far as I can.”

Lisa McGarry

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