The Voice UK: Danny O’Donoghue doesn’t want to lose Max Milner or Bill Downs!

The Voice Battle Rounds kick off this weekend and Danny O’Donoghue has admitted that he already has regrets about how he organised his team.

The Script frontman had to pair up the ten artists in his group and then set each duo a song to duet on, before choosing one to go home and one to progress to the live shows.

He paired up the singers as follows:

Bill Downs Vs. Max Milner
David Julien Vs. John James Newman
Hannah Berney Vs. Murray Hockridge
Vince Freeman Vs. Bo Bruce
Aleks Josh Vs. Emily J Mac

Out of the duos, we always thought the hardest choice would be between Bill Downs and Max Milner and it seems that Danny agrees.

He admitted that he later regretted pitting the talented male singers against each other, as ideally he would have liked to take both men to the live shows.

In an interview with Fabulous magazine, the handsome star explained:

“I put Max Milner and Bill Downs up against each other and it was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

“They are both top talents and I thought by putting them against each other it would be clear which one should go through.”

Although he lost some of his most talented team members during the Battle Rounds, Mr O’D still thinks he has the winner in his team, however he is worried by one or two of his rival’s singers and continued:

“Obviously I think I’ve got the winner. There are three or four who especially stand out. But there’s strong competition from Tom with Ruth Brown, Jessie with Vince Kidd and Will with Jaz Ellington. I’d have loved to have had any of those three in my 10.”

Does that mean those three singers have gotten through…ohhhh.

Do you think Danny has the winner in his team? Check out our predictions for the final 20 here and let us know if you agree….

We have the full list of songs that will be performed on Saturday night’s episode of The Voice here.

Lisa McGarry

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