The Voice UK: Jaz Ellington sings an incredible ‘Just The Way You Are’ mashup! (VIDEO)

Jaz Ellington - The Voice UK contestant

Jaz Ellington is still one of the favourites to win this year’s series of The Voice so he had a lot to prove when he returned to the stage this evening.

The talented soul and gospel singer was struck down with a mystery virus earlier this week, so his rehearsal time was cut short and he was understandably worried about performing a mashup of Billy Joel’s ‘The Way You Are’ and Bruno Mars’ ‘Just the Way You Are’ on this evening’s live show. Hell, Hannah Berney tried the same thing last week and it ended in her being voted off the competition.

Jaz hit the stage tonight dressed for colder weather. That massive overcoat was overkill, was it not? He sings the Billy Joel part of the tune sweetly, but as expected, even Jaz is slightly clunky transitioning into the faster Bruno Mars segment. The voice is as good as we’ve come to expect from Jaz, and there are clearly some things that just come effortlessly to this guy. He finished the song on an incredible high note, with the audience going nuts in the background.

Afterward he described the song as a challenge, but said that he focused on his wife and it all worked.


Will.I.Am shared that he wishes his mom had someone in her life that could sing a song like that to her. Sweet. Jessie J took time out to congratulate Jaz and his wife on the birth of their baby. So much for the diva, eh? She complimented Jaz on his beautiful vocals. Tom Jones said it was plain to see he had someone in mind when he sang, and praised him for pleasing the crowd with two songs. Danny O’Donoghue simply called Jaz special. There was no need for any other description.

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