The Voice UK: Jessie J will give tough love to Jessica Hammond, Ben Kelly & Toni Warne but reviews security after Simon Cowell break in

Jessie J has admitted that she will be a tough coach on The Voice this year.

Over the last year the ‘Price Tag’ hitmaker has seen the downside of fame and the negative impact of a career lived out in the public eye and wants to ready her contestants for the consequences of shooting into the spotlight.

On Saturday night’s first episode of the BBC show, Jessie was seen landing talented singers Jessica Hammond, Ben Kelly & Toni Warne for her group, over the next few weeks we will meet her other seven acts.

In a new interview with the Radio Times, said that she will be a ‘hardcore’ mentor for the hopefuls and described her coaching style saying:

“I am the only girl, but I am hardcore.”

Jessie sits on the show alongside Tom Jones, Danny O’Donoghue and and continued:

“I’ve only been in the industry for 12 months and I know how much criticism they are going to get, so I want to prepare them. I’m all about tough love.”

Jessie had been asked to join the X Factor but turned down the chance, on why she changed her mind about reality TV when it came to The Voice, the brunette beauty said that she admires what the series is about. She wants the music industry to go back to being about talent and now what stars wear or who they are dating. She added:

“It represents everything I am about.

“I have come up in the industry at a time when it is all about image, make-up and who you’re dating, but I want to play a part in breaking that down. “

However, while she wants it to be all about the music, Jess has to be practical too and it has been reported that because of her increased profile, and after the recent break in at Simon Cowell’s home, she has been forced to beef up her own security.

Yesterday a 27 year old woman was in London’s Magistrate’s Court on a charge of aggravated burglary, after she allegedly smashed a window and broke into Simon’s home.

As a result, insiders told The Daily Star that Jessie is reviewing her own security arrangements. A source said:

“Jessie has a great and close relationship with her fans and that will not change but fame carries its risks, as proved by the incident involving Simon.

“We are just talking about an extra minder or two when the occasion merits it.

“There will also be a review of security around her home.”

One Direction also upped their own security this month, with the five singers having no less than 20 security guards each at their recent concert in Dallas!

Lisa McGarry

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