The Voice UK: Max Milner almost chose over Danny O’Donoghue! (VIDEO)

It seems that had a lot of near misses at The Voice auditions.

The Black Eyed Peas star was seen on Saturday night’s show throwing his hat in the ring a number of times and trying to land a variety of performers for his group. But while singers such as J Marie Cooper took him up on his offer, others like Ben Kelly and Max Milner did not.

However, those that didn’t have revealed that they came close to choosing the America, and after Ben’s recent admission, Max went on to say that he almost picked Will over The Script frontman Danny o’Donoghue.

In an interview shown below, describing his tryout for the BBC show, Milner said:

“It was ridiculous, it was just amazing, just phenomenal! I was very close to picking”

Explaining why then he chose Danny he added:

“I kind of set out – if I could have gotten him – to go with Danny, because I’m so similar to him and also I just like the fact that he just jammed back and at one point he gave me a wink and I was like “yeah I’ll probably go with you Mr Relaxed!”

“He’s a guitarist, I think I sound similar to him, his music is incredible and I just think we will work amazingly together. I think we will gel very well.”

Max stunned the judges at the recent London auditions, when he performed Come Together by The Beatles mashed up with a version of Lose Yourself by Eminem.

After the performance Danny said:

What I loved was, you got those two songs together, you mashed them in and you made them yours. I think you’re great, I really think you’re great.

On what sort of music he normally performs, Max confessed that he likes to go for more unusual numbers – hence his strange audition piece – and explained:

“The music that me and my band make, I can’t put my finger on the genre, it’s so nuts. It’s like folky, R&B, rock, pop.”

Watch the video and tell us, do you think he made the right decision when he chose his mentor? Leave your comments below…

Lisa McGarry

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