The Voice UK: Michelle John WOWs with powerful cover of I’m Every Woman

The Voice UK: Michelle John

The Voice UK continues tonight on ITV and one of the contestants we could not wait to see perform is Michelle John.

I have to say that Michelle is personally one of my favourites in the competition along with Jamie, so I’d like to see them both make the final. Michelle’s voice is fantastic and I think she could sing just about anything.

Over the past two weekends we have seen the teams take to the stage to perform live for the very first time and each team has been split in half. Now, only three remain per team, and tonight they will all perform together for the first time. Up until now the only competition that they have had is in their own teams.

The Voice UK: Tim Gallagher, Michelle John

Courtesy of ITV

Tonight, Michelle is performing I’m Every Woman by Chaka Khan.

Prior to her performance this evening, Michelle said: “I was shocked. I think the thing that blew me away was that people voted. I felt like it was okay for me to be here”.

Here’s what the coaches had to say of her performance:

The Voice UK: Michelle John


  • “Call the fire department!”
  • Jennifer Hudson: “I have to agree with Gavin, like everything about you is so likeable. It’s a celebration, happy to be apart of your moment as you’re living a dream. From one big voice singer to another it’s hard when you’ve got something to big to work with to tone it down, but you did it”.
  • Tom Jones: “Well, I mean that is a voice. Big powerful controlled… really, really something”
  • Gavin Rossdale: “It’s obvious that your voice is insane. What is most interesting to me and the one thing I take away from it is you overcame fear from your life that you couldn’t do that. You spent all those years as a back up singer and you wouldn’t let yourself”.

What did you think of Michelle’s performance this evening? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, below…

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