The Voice UK: What’s all that Jazz about Jaz Ellington?

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The star of The Voice UK on Saturday was Jaz Ellington, a talented singer who reduced Jessie J and to tears, but was the hype fair?

No doubt that he gave a great performance, so it would be expected that he would get the same treatment as the other great talents that’s we’ve seen….. the formula of great comments, the few seconds of hype and the giddy return to family & friends.

Even before he opened his mouth to sing, we had been primed to expect something amazing with the mantra from about his “gut feelings”. We were presented with 2 singers, one of which was bound to get the all important last spot on Will’s team, while the first fell at the last hurdle because of Will’s mum talking to him through his gut.

By this point the last singer had been hyped up to the max. Will he be amazing? Of course. It’s like ‘he’s an angel sent from heaven’….Will literally said that. A Standing ovation and some amazing comments ensued.

This guy though was so amazing that we got to see him sing again! Nobody else had that luxury. Why was Jazz different? Not only did he get to perform another song, that song was conveniently the tune that had earlier bought to tears and we had learned was close to his heart.. “his life”. Nice set up there, almost as if it was planned….

So of course, what followed was floods of tears, not only from Will, but then Jessie whilst Tom and Danny livid about the fact they couldn’t have him, as if they knew he was the winner, they practically said it, and we saw it.

Whilst it’s absolutely acceptable that the judges or coaches found him impressive and wanted to listen to him sing again, and whilst it’s even acceptable that the coaches have their favourites, is it acceptable that the show itself pushes a favourite?

There’s no doubt they did, he got more screen time than any other contestant, we got to see him sing 2 songs when some successful singers didn’t get the luxury of having their full audition shown and we seemingly got to see the coaches’ and audiences’ full reaction instead of heavily edited versions.

There is no doubt that Jazz is an amazing singer and performer, he’s worthy of hype, but was it fair that the show itself, in part at least, created it? The show could have presented him as any other talented hopeful, they didn’t need to show his 2nd performance and therefore automatically make him ‘special’. He’s now the most famous of it’s hopefuls, the face of The Voice….the question is, had his audition been shown like any other, would he still be in that same position?

Lisa McGarry

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