The Voice: Vince Freeman is ‘livid’ with Danny O’Donoghue but has no problem with Bo Bruce

Vince Freeman has admitted that he is ‘livid’ about being told to tone down his voice, during his final performance on The Voice.

The talented singer lost out on a place in the live shows to quirky singer Bo Bruce in the battle rounds – which were taped in February but broadcast just last weekend – after his coach Danny O’Donoghue told him he needed to reign in the power in his voice.

During the pair’s rehearsals of their battle song ’With Or Without You’ by U2, Bo admitted that she felt Vince was ‘leading’ the duet and Danny told the barefoot singer that he wanted him to pull it back a little, or people would think he was ‘drown the girl out.’

However, despite heeding his coach’s advice, Danny still opted to bring Bruce through to the live shows and eliminated Vince from the competition, saying:

‘I’m basing this decision on who I think will go into the music business straight away and sell the most records.’

‘The person I will take to the live shows is Bo Bruce.’

Speaking to his local newspaper The Gloucestershire Echo, Freeman admitted that he is angry about how he was treated on the BBC show.

He explained:

“I am livid about it.

“I was put in a difficult situation – I could go against my mentor, knowing that I would not go through, or I could do as I was told knowing I was having my hands tied behind my back.”

Vince insisted that he knows Bo wasn’t to blame and has no problem with the aristocratic singer but he still feels like he was pushed into a corner on the series. He added:

“I don’t have a problem with Bo but I’m not happy about how the situation was manoeuvred.”

However, he has no regrets about taking part in the reality TV series, as if nothing else, he has definitely gained more exposure and has been offered more gigs because of it.

He continued:

“For me, The Voice has been a fantastic experience for getting my name out there.’

Meanwhile, some people have claimed that Vince was so upset with his coach, that when he was eliminated he refused to shake his hand as he left the stage. However, he has insisted that he didn’t even notice Danny reaching towards him and tweeted:

“Danny hand shake snub? I was heartbroken and wanted off stage hand on heart didnt see him #barefootsbest”

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Lisa McGarry

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