The Voice: accused of ‘subliminally advertising’ through his funky jacket and he’s still not in the UK! seems to be the bad boy on this year’s series of The Voice and if recent reports are to be believed, the US star is in hot water with BBC bosses again.

The Black Eyed Peas singer already had his knuckles rapped, for reportedly offering to work with and consider giving record deals to Jay Norton and Jenny Jones, who were both eliminated from The Voice in battle rounds.

Now, it is claimed that the American musician is in trouble once more, after some claimed he is breaking advertising rules on the hit reality TV series.

It has been claimed that Will is ‘subliminally advertising’ his own music, but wearing custom made clothes, emblazoned with the lyrics of his songs.

In a recent episode, the stylish star was wearing a bright blue and yellow jacket and upon close inspection you can see the words ‘Go hard or go home’ on the front left panel.

The line of course is lifted straight out of a single titled ‘T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)’, which Will released in collaboration with Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger this year.

It was eagle eyed Twitter users who picked up on the link between Will’s clothing and his music and one tweeted the official BBC account saying:

‘If that isn’t advertising your new song, I don’t know what is.’

Another added:

‘I didn’t notice had song lyrics on his jacket on The Voice, but the song was in my head today! Subliminal advertising?’

The song was released in the UK on February 5, 2012, so BBC bosses would not have been aware of it’s lyrics when the blind auditions were filmed in January.

Meanwhile, although The Voice live shows kick off this weekend on BBC One, is still not even in the country.

His team of five are currently rehearsing their songs, for the live extravaganza and attending dance masterclasses, so they know how to work a stage, but they are doing it all without their coach and mentor, as he is still in America.

He tweeted last night:

What’s there to do in atlanta on a tuesday night???

Later adding:

Im at the apache club…14years ago it was called “yinyang”…this was were the black eyed peas first performed in ATL back in 1998

He had better jump on a plane back to here quick smart! How can his singers be ‘dope’ unless they have his full attention and guidance?


Lisa McGarry

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