The Voice: throws rehearsal time into chaos!

BBC bosses are said to be limiting the amount of time The Voice contestants spend with their mentors, so that’s acts aren’t disadvantaged.

The American star jets around the world in between live shows and left the UK just hours after last Saturday’s episode. He misses many rehearsals due to his jet set lifestyle and insiders have told The Sun that as a result, other teams ahve been told they can’t spend as much time with Tom Jones, Jessie J and Danny O’Donoghue in the interest of fairness.

Bo Bruce told the newspaper that even though Team Will isn’t performing this evening, her rehearsal time with The Script frontman Danny was impacted by’s absence.

She said:

“If Will is out of the country, we aren’t seeing Danny. All the mentors have to do equal amounts.”

Fellow Team Danny star Max Milner added:

“We all get the same amount of time. The coaches fit it round their schedules.”

“We only started doing our songs on Monday — we found out what they were at the same time as the other teams but they started on them and we were in the dark on what we were doing with them.”

However, Vince Kidd revealed that his team may have had a slight advantage, as Jessie J has been working on their song choices for tonight, for over three weeks. The unique singer revealed:

“Although obviously we have rehearsed this week we have also rehearsed this song with Jessie before. We have had plenty of time. It started quite a while ago.”

However the BBC have insisted that Will’s travelling does not impact the contestants at all and a spokesperson told The Sun:

“All artists get equal time with their coaches — and coaches are down at the studio for four long days each week so they do spend huge amounts of time with their artists.

“It is untrue that Will is spending less time with his artists — and neither does this impact on the other teams.

“Artists all spend huge amounts of quality time with their coaches — beyond expectation.”

Team Danny and Team Jessie will take to the stage to perform live for the first time this evening. Two will leave on tomorrow’s results show.

We have the full songlist for the evening here.

Lisa McGarry

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