The Voice’s Bo Bruce will ‘never forgive’ Danny O’Donoghue for lying about their romance!

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Bo Bruce has reportedly said that she will ‘never forgive’ her former coach and mentor on The Voice, after he publicly denied dating with her.

Danny O’Donoghue nurtured and worked closely with quirky singer Bo when she was competing on the BBC show back in 2012 and it was their duet on the final, in which they appeared to be close to kissing, that started the rumour mill churning.

Insiders claimed that when the series ended, Danny – who had recently split from his long term girlfriend – was dating Bruce and neither star spoke out to deny the reports.

However, months later The Script frontman did finally address the claims and he insisted that he and Bo were only ever friends and the only reason he didn’t deny a romance at the time, was because he thought the extra publicity would help her burgeoning career.

However, Bo has apparently been left devastated and ’emotionally exhausted’ by Danny’s protestations and she now believes that the handsome singer never really cared about her, even though their relationship spanned a period of her life when she lost her terminally ill mother to cancer.


A source told MailOnline: ‘Bo and Danny’s relationship was real and not a publicity stunt, despite Danny’s claim that it was.

‘Danny asked Bo to lie about it and never admit it, but she was disgusted that he claimed it was just for publicity. That was when they fell out for good… and she will never forgive him for it.’

The insider claims that Bo and Danny dated right up until he dumped her so he could attempt to win back his ex Irma Mali – who was furious at his dalliance with Bo and demanded that he cut all ties with the singer.

The source claimed that the pair no longer speak or have any contact and continued:

‘They are no longer friends and he abandoned Bo whilst trying to win back his ex, who made him promise not to associate himself with Bo.’

Bo and Danny did collaborate on Bruce’s single Alive which was included on her 2013 album Before I Go To Sleep, however they penned the track before their fall out and supposedly Danny refused to be involved in it’s promo and it’s music video after they went their separate ways.


While is working closely with Leah McFall from this year’s series and has whisked her to LA to work on her debut album, Danny reportedly distanced himself from Bo very early on and refused to help her publicise her new music during the most recent series of The Voice, when he was carrying out countless interviews for the show.

The source said:

‘He did not help Bo promote the single Alive because they couldn’t be seen together or talk about their work together, which Bo feels totally jeopardised the promo campaign for the single and possibly her career.’

Luckily Bo has some other famous friends and has struck up a bond with British and Irish band Snow Patrol since she finished on The Voice.

She signed a publishing deal with Snow Patrol’s own Polar Patrol publishing and worked with the band’s Johnny McDaid on her first album?

Bo didn’t expect to have such big stars involved in her career and told The Sun:

“I was very well looked after by the Snow Patrol boys — I certainly didn’t set out to have any big names on the record.”

She added:

“[I learned] A huge amount. They’ve been there, and they’ve done it. They know what the pitfalls are and they know how it is to be a breaking artist and the pressure that comes with that. I’d say, “This is going on”, and they’d say, “Yep, I remember that.”

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