The Voice 2013: was told not to work with Leah McFall but whisks her to LA & says she could be Adele!

by Lisa McGarry

leah is still full of high hopes for Leah McFall he has revealed.

The Black Eyed Peas star coached the Belfast girl right through the most recent series of The Voice and even though she didn’t win, within days of the final he had whisked her off to LA to begin work on her debut album.

Leah lost out to fellow Northern Irish singer Andrea Begley however the US star thinks she will go on to do amazing things in the music industry and speaking to Metro he admitted that he defied BBC bosses by continuing to work with her after the show.

Will isn’t supposed to continue mentoring contestants once The Voice ends but he revealed:

“We’re not on TV and I’m not the coach any more but I brought her to Los Angeles to do her record. The contract says we can’t do that but who cares? I don’t think it’s fair.”

This week the pair boarded a plane and Leah jetted from London to LA once more to put the finishing touches to her new songs.

leah mcfall

Will said that he is sure she can go on to become the next Adele and he’s determined to play a role in her success. He added:

“My team doesn’t end when the cameras are off. I feel obligated. Just singing on The Voice isn’t enough. Leah was the best singer by 1,000 miles. You want to be able to launch an act that baffles the US with how great her voice is. She’s a potential Adele – her voice is phenomenal. But people are guided by story, so, as far as the results go, they were emotional, it’s a problem in the format. The singers don’t have enough time for you to get to know them.” leah mcfall

Leah knows how lucky she is and she tweeted this week about her return to the studio saying:

“Just about to take off to LA. So exited to be back in the studio with @iamwill !!”

Tweeting about her new album, Will added:

“its coming and its wonderful…the @leahmcfallmusic project is lighting up my world at the moment”

Are you looking forward to Leah’s new tracks? Leave your comments below…

Lisa McGarry

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  1. Sally on September 10, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    Leah’s voice is phenomenal, she also has huge personality and an uncomplicated presence. She is amazing. Cleo Laine comes to mind as well as other great singers. Really though with Leah there are no comparisons, she is reassuringly unique and appears truly herself when singing which is so refreshing. Cannot wait to hear more of her beautiful voice and singing.

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