The Voice: Poor Ricky Wilson! Anna McLuckie gets lucky with!

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The Voice

Anna McLuckie impressed all of the panel when she turned up to audition for The Voice earlier this year.

The 17 year old singer and harp player from Edinburgh performed Get Lucky for the coaches during the tryouts and admitted beforehand that she was keen to change people’s opinions of harps and traditional musicians.

She said:

“People always associate harps with cherubs and sweet little girls. I kind of want to make it more current.”

The talented teen added:

“I have got quite a subtle voice, I know some people who go on The Voice have got big Christna Aguilera voices, I don’t have anything like that. I am more folky. I hope that makes me original.”

“Ultimately it is a vocal competition so I hope my voice stands out over the harp. I am quite nervous but I have been told to picture my butterflies flying out of my stomach I will calm down, so I’ll try that.”

As Anna approached the stage, where she would sing for, Kylie Minogue, Ricky Wilson and Tom Jones for the first time, she admitted:

The Voice 2014

“It is crazy to think I could be mentored by these people at 17. They have had a life’s experience in the industry so it would be amazing.”

McLuckie performed a stripped back and incredibly quirky rendition of ‘Get Lucky’ for the panel. Kaiser Chiefs’ frontman Ricky turned around almost immediately. Later in the song, despite Wilson raising a hand to stop him, Will ignored Ricky and turned anyway.

Tom said:

“That was beautiful. Really. I am not knocking the original or anything but that was 1000 times better. It’s just that I couldn’t add anything to it, but it was lovely.”

Kylie added:

“That was amazing and the reason I didn’t turn is because puppy dogs eyes over there was a goner and then puppy dog eyes number two turned around. There is a thing in not turning and knowing you are safe with someone else.” raved:

“I waited until the last minute to turn, because I thought you were probably going to go with Ricky but you know what, I don’t mind losing, trying to win you. I would coach you through a whole bunch of song selections out of your comfort zones, so that during the battles, you shine even when it’s not your comfort.”

ricky wilson the voice

Ricky pleaded:

“The song choice was great but you could have been singing the tetris theme and I would have been shaking still. I had to turn around and then I was transfixed. I couldn’t even smile, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I think you can bring beauty to anything. I would love you on my team.”

In the end, despite Wilson’s pleas, Anna chose to go with Poor old Ricky!

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