The Voice 2014: Iesher Haughton has & Kylie Minogue going head to head!

Iesher Haughton was a big hit with the coach on tonight’s episode of The Voice.

Before her blind audition for the BBC show, the 19 year old, from Walthamstow admitted that she’s usually rather shy and was coerced into trying out by her family.

She normally spends her evenings working at her local cinema and explained:

“I work in a cinema, I rip the tickets, I serve the popcorn and drinks. It’s not glamorous but it’s my job.”

She added:

“My family are very supportive, they all said to me if I didn’t sign up they would sign me up anyway.”

“I am here to prove to myself that I can actually do this. I am nervous but I am going to be strong.”

As Iesher belted out her song Ricky Wilson and turned around almost instantly. Tom Jones turned in the second verse, with Kylie leaving it until later in the tune.

After the teenager basked in a standing ovation from audience and panel, Tom Jones said:

“That’s a lovely name. That sounded great, I loved your phrasing. I loved it and I’d love to have you on my team.”

Ricky added:

“It was so good. You just started something incredible. I would like you on my team because I want to win this and I think you probably will win this.”

Kylie gushed:

“You have the cutest voice, you sound like you could sing anything. I love the whole Whitney Houston vibe here…I wanna dance with somebody. If you wanna dance with me then come on Team Kylie.”

Will played the family card and made his pitch, saying:

“I have a cousin named Iesher. We could call her on the phone right now. She doesn’t sing like you though.”

He continued:

“The first note….I didn’t waste no time. I would love to have you on my team to give you my perspective and go through this journey together. It would be dope. I wouldn’t change you, I wouldn’t change anything. All I would do is out a mirror in front of you to boost your confidence. I wouldn’t have anyone to style you or anything.”

Iesher chose to join Team Will.

Did you enjoy the performance tonight? Do you think she made the right choice? Leave your comments below….

Lisa McGarry

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