The Voice 2014: Jermain Jackman beats Sarah Eden-Winn in battles!

Jermain Jackman the voice

Jermain Jackman, Sarah Eden-Winn,, Leah McFall, Dante Santiago

Youth won over experience in the first battle of the evening on tonight’s episode of The Voice.

The BBC show moved into it’s battle round stage this evening, after six weeks of blind auditions previously and first to the stage were young politician Jermain Jackman and singing cat lady Sarah Eden-Winn.

The pair took on the massive classic hit I Knew You Were Waiting as their battle tune and in rehearsals even’s assistant Leah McFall was blown away by the powerful vocals, saying:

“They are both incredibly talented. This is going to be a battle!”

Sarah started off the performance for the coaches and it was a close run race. there was not one bad note between the hopefuls and in all it was an epic battle, an upbeat performance, with a brilliant vibe.

Afterwards Kylie Minogue said:

The Voice 2014

“Jermain the depth and the soul of your voice is undeniable, it’s like it just drips. Sarah, your vocals were crisp and clear and really cut through for that reason I would probably ran towards Sarah.”

Ricky Wilson disagreed though and added:

“Female vocals hit me emotionally more than male vocals but Jermain got me there.” had a near impossible choice but started off by praising both young performers. He said:

Jermain Jackman the voice

“That was pretty fantastic, you guys did a great job. I love watching you perform Sarah, your smile lights up the room. Jermain your lows…you get really low dude. He is 18 years old!”

It turns out that Will and Jermain have met before. Jackman approached the star at a music festival a few years ago and the Black Eyed Peas frontman told him to audition for the BBC show.

It was this story that pushed Will over the edge in the end and he said:

“This is kismet! What are the odds of me telling you to audition and then I’m the only one that turned around for you? I think I am supposed to see you through and then one of those three are supposed to steal Sarah and then everyone is happy.”

It didn’t work out like that though. In the end Jermain stayed in Team Will and none of the coaches turned for Sarah. What a shame.

Do you think Will made the right call? Leave your comments below….


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