The Voice 2014: Labour youth Jermain Jackman joins Team! And I Am Telling You VIDEO

Jermain Jackman the voice

Jermain Jackman the voice

Jermain Jackman took some time away from his political dreams recently, to pursue his musical aspirations and audition for The Voice.

The young singer from East London performed And I Am Telling You for the coaches and revealed that as well as singing, the other great love of his life is politics. Jermain is the youth co-ordinator for the Labour Party in Hackney and told the team:

“Growing up in Hackney London there aren’t many opportunities. All people see are the gangs. I know people who have been stabbed and killed because they live in the wrong area. I am very keen for something to change.”

He added:

“I am passionate about two things. Music and politics. There are many wrong stereotypes about children. There is a barrier that stops you from progressing and those are the barriers I want to break down.”

The Voice 2014

“My mum is a huge role model for me and my family, she has raised five children single handedly and I am so proud of her for that. My mum taught me that when an opportunity is there, like The Voice, then make sure you take it.”

Jackman continued:

“I want to prove that I have a talent… we can actually achieve great things.”

At first the panel seemed unsure of his vocal talents but just when it looked like Jermain wasn’t going to get any offers, Sneaky Willie turned at the very end.

Ricky Wilson said:

“I am better for hearing that, it was incredible. I know a lot of people will be kicking me for not turning around.” admitted:

“I was telling Ricky to go but then I thought you were too good to walk. What is crazy fresh is that I think you are supposed to be on my team so we can come up with things we could do together on the philanthropic thing, while we are doing the singing stuff. It’ll be crazy fresh. This is dope!”

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  1. XFF on January 19, 2014 at 1:02 am

    I was really surprised that Will was the only coach to turn for Jermain and Sophie May, when more mediocre singers featured earlier in the program had had more interest. Considering the auditions are blind, I cannot believe how perfectly suited to him the 3 members of Team Will are, they’ve all got something different about them.

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