The Voice 2014: New coach Ricky Wilson reckons viewers won’t have a clue who he is!

by Lynn Rowlands
Ricky Wilson the voice

The Voice ricky wilson
When The Voice returns to BBC1 tonight at 7pm, we’ll get to see new coaches Kylie Minogue and Ricky Wilson in action…

However, while Ricky knows that viewers won’t need to be told who Kylie is, he expects that fans of the show are going to be staring at their screens asking, “Ricky who?!”

The Kaiser Chiefs frontman made his remarks to The Sun, saying, “When I agreed to do the show I was preparing myself for people to be saying, ‘Ricky who?’

“Everyone kept saying to me from day one that I shouldn’t apologise for being there.

“But that’s hard when Kylie, Will and Tom are on a different level of fame to me. They’re a rung up.”

But he also revealed that he was delighted when the BBC approached him to star on the show. He said, “It was pretty quick between them asking and me saying yes.

The Voice 2014

“I was chatting to a mate and they were saying it’s a good job you haven’t got any skeletons in your closet.

“Some people tried to sell stories about me but they weren’t interesting enough.

“I’m in an indie band. I’m not putting myself out there as a role model. But I would be a good one. I used to be a teacher.”

And of his awe at meeting pop icon Kylie, Ricky said, “One of the first records I ever bought was Kylie’s debut album.

“I got her second record, Enjoy Yourself, then I knocked it on the head and got into The Smiths.

“Everyone always says their first record was something cool like The Clash, but it was probably Ninja Turtles or Do The Bartman.

“But I never want to tell Kylie what I did because it would make her feel awkward.”

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He concluded, “Kylie’s helped me the most. She saw the cracks and helped me when I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I could.

“We’re in this together.”

Indeed you are Rickster, but having seen tonight’s series opener already, I can tell you he has nothing to worry about and is every bit as capable as the other coaches!

Here’s the show trailer…

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