The Voice 2014: Ricky Wilson admits he was ‘harsh’ with Christina Marie!

Ricky Wilson, Christina Marie

Ricky Wilson has admitted that he was a bit tough on Christina Marie before she took to the stage for last week’s The Voice first live show.

The singer was crippled with nerves and destroyed by stage fright and instead of reassuring and comforting his contestant, the Kaiser Chiefs star decided that some tough love was in order.

Christina Marie admitted that she felt ill because of all the pressure and explained:

“I was a little bit sick and that’s the first time thats happened to me. I managed to get through the day.”

When asked how Ricky reacted she laughed:

“He was so mean!”

Wilson conceded that he may not have been his usual loving self, but he felt a firm hand was in order.

Ricky said:

Ricky Wilson, Christina Marie 1

“I was really harsh with you on the day. I was like ‘get over it.'”

He added:

“There is a time for mollycoddling people and there is a time for saying ‘get it together.’ She deals with her nerves so well usually and this was the biggest thing.”

However Ricky would rather his hopefuls were nervous than totally blasé and continued:

“If you are nervous, it shows you care and you want it to be good. There is nothing wrong with that.”

This is the star’s first year as a coach and it’s turned out to be a totally strange and new experience for him.

He’s been surprised by how invested he’s become in Christina Marie and fellow contestant Chris Royal.

“It has been tough, but tough in a good way. I have found it quite rewarding, it’s quite serious,” he said.

Ricky Wilson, Christina Marie 2

“I have learned a lot more than I thought I would learn. It’s been great. I am taking a lot away from this.”

“I didn’t think I would care as much as I do. You sign up to do a TV show and it’s fun but the centre of it is these people’s lives and I didn’t know I was going to get this involved in it….become that close to them and care so much.”

“I promised them both that I would take them as far as I could and I haven’t gone back on my word with that.”

Awwwww what a sweetheart!

Christina, Chris and Ricky will all be performing on The Voice semi finals tonight and we have the full song list here.

Check it out and leave your comments below….

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