The Voice 2014: Sir Tom Jones & get defensive after it’s claimed the show’s winners have failed in the music biz!

the voice coaches 2014

the voice coaches 2014

Yesterday, we were among the journalists who attended the press launch of this year’s series of The Voice in London, and although most of the questions and answers were a fairly lighthearted affair, one question in particular caused something of a #awks moment…

It came from an Independent reporter, who asked the coaching panel – who are of course Kylie Minogue, Ricky Wilson, Sir Tom Jones and – “So far, The Voice hasn’t produced a series winner who’s gone on to be as big a success as the coaches told us they would be…

“Is it going to be the test of this series to produce a genuine real star who goes on to sell lots of records?”

After a hushed moment or two, several of the coaches tried to speak at once to defend the show, but Sir Tom was given the first opportunity to reply.

He said, “When you’re on a talent show like this one, which is about singers, not jugglers or acrobats or whatever, it’s about singers…

“By the time the singers get to us [in the Blind Auditions] they’ve already gone through a process, so we only get singers who are already good.

“So this is a professional show and we deal with people who are already professional singers…

the voice coaches 2014

“But there are no guarantees in show business. There’s not one guarantee no matter how good you are.

“Even as long as I’ve been in the business, it’s still one step at a time, and you never know how something’s going to be received by the public.

“And it’s all down to the public and they decide if any one person will be star or will get a hit record.

“But ultimately, when you make a record, you just have to hope you got all the ingredients in and that people will buy it.

“We can’t say to anyone who comes on this show, ‘If you win this, you will be a star’. We can’t say that because it’s not true.”

Will added, “If you look at all the talent shows there are, and all of the singers who’ve sung in them, even the ones who looked like they could be super mega stars, hardly any of them are.

“There’s very, very few who have become mega stars.

“But in terms of The Voice as a format, as with any other talent show, the singers go through the cycle – they’re on television, then everyone loves them, then they’re not on TV anymore once it’s over.

“And the thing is, we live in this disposable, forgetful society where we forget real fast, and the only way to make a go of it in this business is to keep at it, to keep going and to keep on trying.

“Plus you have to have a champion, someone who believes in you and who won’t leave you until you’re where you need to be.

“With any talent show, people have to be there afterwards to guide these singers through the tundra, through the forest, and that’s what I’m doing with my team…

leah mcfall

“I’m still involved with them from both seasons, and it doesn’t matter how long this goes on for, I’ll always be involved with them and doing everything I can to guide them.

“But no, there’s no guarantee, ever.”

Here’s a look at the show’s latest trailer…

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