The Voice 2014: Talia Smith & Tom Jones team up for a good ol’ country showdown!

by Nick Barnes
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The Voice UK 2014: Talia Smith
Not all is lost on the Country journey this evening as following in John’s footsteps was Talia Smith.

Not everyone is going to love country music, Talia admitted, but as long as she can do the best she can do, then she’s good with that.

“I love country music because it’s real, it’s sung from the heart,” she said in her VT.

Talia performed Pistol Annies’ Hell on Heels, which had the coaches turning their heads when she first started to sing.

Tom left it until the very last minute before he hit his button and turned around. As he was the only coach to give Talia a chance, she is automatically on Team Tom and she certainly looked gobsmacked by the result.

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“I loved that! I love country music and I love it when someone puts some drive into it and you did. I have a lot of girls on my team already, but I don’t have anybody like you. I loved what you did with that song,” Tom told Talia.

Ricky followed up: “Tom has 99 problems, and a pitch ain’t one, as he doesn’t have to give one! Unfortunately, none of us turned. For me, it’s because you’re British and you’re singing in an American accent, which was brilliant, but for me you’re not being true to yourself”.

Kylie went on to add: “I agree, but I’m so happy that Tom turned. You’re in good hands”.

We haven’t had a resounding spin so far this evening, but it looks like Tom loved Talia’s rendition of Hell on Heels. Do you think she will go far in the competition? Let us know in the comments below…

Nick Barnes

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